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PICO PSU RUNNER - amiga micro power supply SET

PICO PSU RUNNER - amiga micro power supply SET

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Amiga power supply in micro case; based on PICO PSU power supply

  • up to 100W (depends on input power supply; 12V 3A is a good choice)
  • AVR controlled : power on, power off, cooling hysteresis
  • sound communicates ( power on, off, overheating)
  • micro size of the case: 110 mm x 80mm


a little bit of theory:

everybody knows what PICO_PSU is :-) - i hope. why not use AVR and pico_psu together to make new, modern power supply. so, this is my attempt. output power for simplicity mayb be calculated:

output power = input power (AMPS) x 12V (needed 12V power supply) X 0,8


so, usage of 3A 12V at input power supply, gives output at least  ~ 29 W (12v x 3A * 0,8 ), what is more than enough for even expanded AMIGAS 1200/600. I have tested 1,5A Meanwell on Amiga 600 with Furia without any problem...


Inside pack



Sounds (pico_runner emites sound to communicate)

  • 1 beep - power on
  • 2 beeps - power off
  • "retro fire sound" - 12V detected, redy
  • alarm sound - overheating ( cooler will start work to lower temp...)
  • soon more..


to do:

  • improve pcb design
  • avr code
  • top cover design....




PICO PSU with AMIGA600 and OC furia 40MHz











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