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10502PC Sio2PC USB REV2

10502PC  Sio2PC USB REV2

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10502PC/ Sio2PC-USB / Sio2pc USB is my newest device fo every Atari 8bit



Device works in two modes::

  • Sio2PC-USB -connects the ATARI SIO port to PC/MAC computer equipped with a USB PORT, so PC acts as floppy disk drive for ATARI
  • 10502PC - connects the Atari disk drive to PC computer equipped with a USB PORT, so PCcan read / backup orginal 5.25" floppies.



  • PC with a free USB port (works on other platforms like MAC/LINUX)
  • Any 8bit ATARI with a free SIO PORT



DISCLAIMER: DEVICES sold before 15.08.2019  - Please, read FAQ above to update firmware


SIO2PC-USB mode manual: 

  • download and install one of below:
  • Download VIRTUAL COM PORT drivers from FTDI PAGE and install them;
  • If You use stock windows 10 drivers, You must force to load VCP drivers in device manager. 
  • connect 10502PC/SIO2PC to PC; Windows shall install drivers automatically
  • new COM port will appear in device manager  
  • Start ASPEQT / RESPEQT --> TOOLS --> OPTIONS: select a proper COM number and CTS MODE --> SAVE
  • Press button START SIO PERIPHERAL EMULATION in the ASPEQT / RESPEQT  window (blue plug icon at bottom right)
  • Power ON ATARI with Sio2PC-USB connected and ATR/XEX file loaded in SLOT 1 

10502PC mode manual: 

  • download KAFAR software (still in development) and extract to Your hard drive



  • Before starting KAFAR software,  close any ASPEQT process runnning in background
  • Run KAFAR software  (Windows 10 - RUN AS ADMIN)
  • You shall see screen as follows:



  • 10502PC device was set in proper mode
  • Connect 1050 to your ATARI disk drive
  • Power on floppy disk drive, Insert floppy disk and put handle down


  • If your disk drive is set to D1 number, press 1 on keybaord to read from this drive.
  • Program will prompt about name and location of new ATR file.




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1. KAFAR SOFTWARE cannot detect my disk drive

Yes, it is early beta version. Disable all software running in background and try again.



this hardware mod may be necessary for some 1050 drives if they resist to work. 

parts needed:

  • 1n4148 diode
  • 4,7 kOhm resistor


To do: in REVISION ONE.   Since 22.04.2019 revision 2 - not needed

  • desolder 13th pin /not used/ 
  • move it to 12th position
  • make connection as below



3. How to update to last ftdi settings (all devicess sold before 15.08.2019)

  • download FT_PROG  LINK
  • install and run
  • Press spyglass to detect device



  • You shall get it sth similar to below:


  • setting to change : 
    1. hardware specific --> PORT A  --> driver -->  VIRTUAL COM PORT (pic1)
    2. hardware specific --> INVERT RS232 Signals --> RTS# deselected  (pic 2)
    3. USBSTRING -->DisableAUTO  generate serial



  • after change, flash device ( flash symbol next to spyglas-> new windows --> program)
  • disconnect device; close the program